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  • TS 43 is an excellent drying cabinet for small office spaces. The cabinet is only 60 cm (24 inch) wide and has a large capacity. It is equipped with elongated hanging bars. The flexible construction a ...
  • Tempus ALS is a modern approach to prehospital monitoring and defibrillation. 
  • The Trigger Pro rechargeable searchlight features a one-hand trigger operation, 1300 lumens and 750 metres spot beam.
  • Collapsible, rechargeable + AC floodlight. Available as 2000 lumen and 5000 lumen version.
  • Trio-550 ultra lightweight rechargeable searchlight with emergency function and power bank, 550 lumens.
  • Designed for 5G &  LTE Cat 18/20 routers and devices Low profile antenna with up to 11 functions in 1 4x4 MiMo 5G/4G LTE 617-960 / 1710-6000MHz  GPS/GNSS with advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 (Op ...
  • Covert/Discrete internal antenna Up to 5-in-1 solution 2x2 MiMo LTE antenna with distinctive BAT design 4G/5G LTE MiMo covering 617-6000MHz SiSo or 2x2 MiMo WiFi Active GPS/GNSS with advanced B13/14 f ...
  • Low profile antenna with up to 9 functions in 1 2x2 MiMo 5G/4G LTE 617-960 / 1710-6000MHz  GPS/GNSS with advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 (Optional) Up to 6x6 MiMo WiFi 2.4/5.0GHz (Optional) IK10 ...
  • TP9500 portables enhance the user experience with a color screen, louder, clearer audio, and more ergonomic controls, all built Tait Tough for critical communications.
  • Tait Mobile Radio TM9300 Series Tait Portable TP9300 Series with different colours and keypad options  Tait Portable TP9500 Series with larger colour screen, exceptional audio with Active Noise Cancel ...
  • Tait CMD is a highly capable and effective dispatch solution for medium and large sized trunked radio systems. Support for MPT and DMR Tier 3 enables a smooth transition from analog to digital.
  • Basic life support backpack/bag with trapezoidal shape, designed to carry out rescues or interventions in multiple scenaries, including areas of difficult access, mountain and / or confined spaces. Co ...
  • Multifunctional designed to hold oxygen cylinders up to 5 liters with flow meter, it allows the user to carry it as a backpack or shoulder bag. It’s ergonomic design allows to storage it horizontally ...
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