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  • When COVID-19 was finally recognised as a threat by the UK Government and lockdown invoked on 26 March 2020, our world, like for many other small businesses, ground to a halt. As a training provider t ...
  • Smartphones can be mounted to uniforms using the KLICK FAST System. We offer a service of integrating a KLICK FAST Connector onto certain readily-available, off-the-shelf smartphone holders.
  • Our KLICK FAST Sew-On Dock is sewn into clothes and body vests at garment manufacturing stage. Devices that are fitted with KLICK FAST Connectors or KLICK FAST-enabled carry cases/holders (e.g. two-wa ...
  • This product is specifically designed for early interventions in emergencies as the kit and its contents are very compact. It can be fastened in different ways (hand, waist and leg), thus making it su ...
  • NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding temporary flood barrier designed for fast response to flood threats in an urban environment, on hard and even surfaces like tarmac, paving and concrete.  
  • Inero’s patented flood barriers offer a flood protection solution that is lightweight, simple to use and quickly deployed. Primarily designed to provide flood defences for wide areas, the flood barrie ...
  • Top-of-the-range high-autonomy electric stretchers equipped with a number of features for handling with ease.
  • The electric strecther for the English-speaking world
  • A series featuring four models of stretchers that stand out for their high level of versatility in terms of movement and height.
  • The KLICK FAST Crocodile Garment Clip featuring a KLICK FAST Dock at the front can be attached to shirt epaulettes, shirt plackets, pockets, belts, trouser pockets, jacket zip openings and skirt/trous ...
  • max fire services ltd can supply a wide range of water rescue products , can also supply bespoke builds on request 
  •   RUD Automatic Snow Chains are Specifically Designed for Emergency Services Vehicles
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