ESS health and wellbeing theatre

With frequent exposure to distressing environments and high pressure to perform; emergency services professionals are more at risk to experience mental health problems. Covering key challenges, support programmes and proactive strategies around this vitally important area, hear from a panel of first responders and experts. 

This theatre will also cover equality, diversity and inclusion within the emergency services. Shining a spotlight on these topical issues and how we can create a more inclusive working environment.


ESS Learning & Developement Theatre

The Learning & Development Theatre connects personal development with the overarching theme of emerging technologies to feature a series of seminars designed to help professionals enhance and upgrade their personals skills and proficiency, enhancing their careers. It will also focus on operational improvements as the emergency services have dramatically and dynamically pivoted their ways of working.


ESS Emerging technologies theatre

With different deployment models, control rooms, IT systems and infrastructure; emerging technologies plays a crucial part in meeting the public’s expectations and improvement to response times to critical incidents. Hear from leading technology experts and emergency services who have successfully embraced the digital transformation, sharing the positive outcomes to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness of emergency response.


ESS Vehicle Innovation Theatre

As the UK Government commits to reducing its carbon emissions to meet Net Zero by 2050, we will eventually see a complete phase-out of all petrol and diesel in emergency fleets. 

This theatre will cover everything from vehicles with electric, hybrid and decarbonised drivetrains, to smart and connected vehicles that serve as communications hubs and mobile incident command units.


ESS Future policing theatre

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, highlighting the pressure to modernise our current policing model and better equip our police force.  Drawing together the knowledge and insights from our top-level Advisory council and industry contacts, we have curated a high-quality content programme to address the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of policing.



Gain CPD points with our specially curated seminar programme designed to help support and improve your skills and knowledge. Featuring real-life case studies, workshops, presentations and panel discussions, this is a great opportunity to learn and be inspired.