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  • Polaire snow chains and AutoSock snow socks will help keep your fleet moving safely on snow and ice this winter.
  • National Eviction Team services

    01 Sep 2023 High Court Enforcement Group
    Specialist eviction services for the safe and efficient removal of protesters and environmental activists from sites, including national infrastructure sites. The team includes specialists for at heig ...
  • The Reanibex 500 EMS is specially designed for advanced monitoring and resuscitation functions, and has four operating modes: Monitor, Manual Defibrillator, Automated Defibrillator and Pacemaker.
  • The Reanibex 300 is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) with a colour screen with 3D animated graphics and on-screen ECG signal display. The Reanibex 300 Manual is portable, lightweight, and com ...
  • The Reanibex 800 is the only Multi-Parameter Defibrillator Monitor with a plug & play design on the market designed for Advanced Life Support and has four operating modes: Monitor, Manual Defibrillato ...
  • REANIBEX 100 is a lightweight, user-friendly automated external defibrillator (AED) that enables non-professionals to provide fast, effective first aid to cardiac arrest patients, adults and children.
  • Cardiolife-connect - developed in conjunction with Cardilink
  • First responders and investigators are often exposed to suicide as well as bereaved families at the scene during their careers. Many report feeling anxious and uncertain how to respond to those bereav ...
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  • Lithium Battery storage & Charging

    15 Sep 2023 CEMO GmbH
    CEMO Range of product for the storage, charging and transport of Lithium batteries
  • What we do

    15 Sep 2023 Oscar Kilo
    The National Police Wellbeing Service was launched in 2019 to provide support and guidance for police forces across England and Wales in building and improving organisational wellbeing. It is evidence ...
  • View our new National IPC Brochure here.
  • Salvify Benefits

    14 Sep 2023 Salvify
  • Salvify Features

    14 Sep 2023 Salvify