Exhibitor Products

  • The Harken Industrial Ninja foot ascender makes Rope Access and Rescue easier because it reduces rope drag to the lowest of any available foot ascender.
  • Ground stand for the LokHead winch
  • The Singing Rock Evacuation Triangle Combi II is a fully adjustable casualty harness.
  • The LokHead winch is a proven high-load, low-friction winch that is a perfect choice for rescue operations.
  • The CLUTCH enables more rope operations with one tool than anything we’ve ever evaluated.
  • Comfortable ventilated helmet
  • Ultra-comfortable rope access harness.
  • Development of a Half Mask and Communications adaptor for Air Ambulance Aircrew
  • Air Ambulance Helmets - The ALPHA Eagle is widely used across the Air Ambulance community - multiple Colours and Sizes available.
  • The Gentex ALPHA 900 helmet can be used for Night Vision Goggle use along with a Maxilofacial Shield for added facial protection where neeeded.