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  • The fully encapsulating GTL is a Type 1A - ET limited-life gastight suit designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
  • The LokHead winch is a proven high-load, low-friction winch that is a perfect choice for rescue operations.
  • The Harken Industrial Ninja foot ascender makes Rope Access and Rescue easier because it reduces rope drag to the lowest of any available foot ascender.
  • The Rigging Winch 500 provides the user with a lightweight, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate.
  • Ground stand for the LokHead winch
  • A chemically protective anti-static boot with an integral steel toe cap and vulcanized rubber sole for superior slip resistance. 
  • With over a decade of industry knowledge and experience, Gazeboshop prides itself on having the highest quality manufactured gazebos, instant shelters, inflatables and promotional banners/flags, suppo ...
  • Holmatro has launched a new series of high-tech cordless rescue tools, designed to outperform all other tools on the market, regardless of whether these are battery-powered or connected to an external ...
  • When COVID-19 was finally recognised as a threat by the UK Government and lockdown invoked on 26 March 2020, our world, like for many other small businesses, ground to a halt. As a training provider t ...
  • When you begin to plan what suitable attire you should be wearing when embarking on the arduous task of running a full marathon race, clearly footwear is high on the agenda. To ensure comfort and supp ...
  • The Manta Pro Helmet is a multi-purpose helmet which has been tested and approved for use in a wide variety of different environments.
  • Automatic Change Over Valve.  Automatically switches between two supply cylinders when the first is empty. Working from Line Pressure (for Cylinders with Integral Regulators) or a version working from ...
  • Low Pressure Warning.  A warning system for use with two cylinder or single cylinder systems. The Low Pressure Warning gives visual and audible warning of low pressure alerting users to check the supp ...
  • Manual Change Over Valve.  Enables quick switching between two supply cylinders while the integral pressure gauge shows the line pressure on the supply to the Terminal Units in the ambulance.
  • None
  • Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) new Furniture and Associated Services agreement is supporting the public sector’s safe return to work.
  • The team at Panasonic Manufacturing UK’s facility in Cardiff have produced 80 prototype breathing devices to assist hospital patients suffering from COVID-19. The emergency breathing aid – a CPAP (con ...
  • Ultra-comfortable rope access harness.
  • Comfortable ventilated helmet
  • The Respirex Powered Respirator Protective Suit (PRPS) is a one piece gas tight chemical protective suit for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident.
  • Development of a Half Mask and Communications adaptor for Air Ambulance Aircrew
  • First responders face potential dangers when dispatched to incidents such as road traffic accidents as the risks on arrival at the scene are unknown. The priority is always to ensure any risks of inju ...
  • Limbs & Things is a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer committed to improving patient outcomes by providing task trainers that facilitate realistic learning experiences for medical professiona ...
  • Key workers are under increased pressure during this time of national emergency and are being asked to adapt daily to new guidance and measures from the Government to keep us all safe.
  • In an emergency response situation, time is the most important asset firefighters, EMTs and ambulances have – anything that helps them work faster and more efficiently has a magnified impact on their ...
  • Ruth Lee Ltd has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.
  • The SC1 in Chemprotex™ 300 material is a single use Type 3, Type 4 & Type 5 splash contamination suit designed for use with breathing apparatus worn outside the suit or with a face mask and filter.
  • Zodiac Milpro has more than 20,000 boats in daily use with over 80 military forces and professional users across the globe. The company’s global network and trained specialists are present in most par ...
  • As well as being the UK’s exclusive distributor of the leading emergency lighting and equipment brand Whelen, Woodway is continually innovating to provide solutions to aid the emergency services in be ...
  • The Singing Rock Evacuation Triangle Combi II is a fully adjustable casualty harness.
  • Fully adjustable harness for rope access with a padded wide waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps.
  • Well ventilated safety helmet for work at height and rescue purposes. 
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable full body and sit harness
  • The Skylotec Inceptor GRX Helmet is a comfortable, vented helmet with a chin strap for working at height and rescue.
  • The lightweight and compact Skylotec Sirius Descender.
  • Managing Director Tim Sparrow explains, “As a business, and personally, we want to offer our very sincere thanks and appreciation to all of those in frontline, ‘key-worker’ positions who are facing pe ...
  • For more than four decades, SCHILLER has been committed to the fight against sudden cardiac death. In 1974, while the most established manufacturers still sold heavy and bulky emergency devices, SCHIL ...

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