• The excellent Avenger Jacket, now worn by the majority of UK Police forces. This coat will last for years and will keep the harshest of weather conditions out. The enduraing Avenger jacket passed thermal testing to a high standard.

    Also available in a Ladies style (B315W).

  • The Arktis coat. This jacket is worn by prison officers and dog handlers all over the UK. This coat is ideal for law enforcement and private use, utilising Police detailing and hunting requirement, it offers a highly casual look whilst maintaining pure functionality. (This coat is the Services version of the B511 hunting coat)


    Arktis Endurance Textiles Ltd

    Arktis' Hi-Vis coat has now been rolled out over several roads Policing and Police Collision teams within the UK. (This is the Hi-Vis version of the well known Arktis Police Coat - B512)

  • Bespoke Ambulance and Specialist Vehicles

    13 Feb 2019 Chris Manfield

    High quality, bespoke ambulance and specialist vehicles.

  • Blizzard Bags & Blankets

    11 Apr 2019 Simon Carter

    BLIZZARD BLANKETS & BAGS. The Go-to products for Hypothermia management.

  • Blue Ocean Megaphone

    14 Mar 2019 David Ellis

    The most powerful and reliable megaphone made today, bar none. Rugged, waterproof and durable, yet lightweight and easy to hold. Advanced sound engineering provides extreme range AND crystal clear sound reproduction.

  • The Bristol Particulate Protection Hood is proven to be 99.8% efficient at filtering harmful smoke particles. Worn under the helmet and collar, it covers the neck and jawline - areas of the body that are known to be particularly vulnerable to smoke contamination.

  • Building Defects

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    Building specific defects can be reported and improvements can be suggested. 

  • The C111 is a classic unlined combat trouser. It is entrusted by the harshest of users all around the world and has seen action with the French Mountain Troop, Dutch Sniper Units, UK Police Forces, and more. Constructed from durable 50/50 Polycotton Ripstop, in the event your smock does get a tear or hole, the special cross-weave design prevents it from spreading. The fabric is also coated with a DWR finish to shrug off light rain showers when needed.


  • The C222 is the third generation of the Ranger Trousers. We've taken your feedback into account, refining the design. Elasticity at the waist, knees, and crotch area, allows for total ease of movement without any compromise to durability.  The elasticity comes from a very strong four-way stretch fabric which has been extensively trialled.  Durable flexi knee pads are included, however you can remove these and the trousers are compatible with most 3rd party pads (G3 & D30 pads will fit).

  • The C310 has been worn by many forces across the UK. The fully waterproof version of our classic combat trousers. The outer is made from our signature 50/50 ripstop is coated with a DRW finish and is one of the toughest fabrics on the market. 

  • Casualty Care for Fire and Rescue

    25 Jul 2018 Simon Todd, Kris Lethbridge and Richard Pilbery
    Casualty care and first aid is an integral part of the fire and rescue services’ role and firefighters have always worked closely with pre-hospital medical providers in their aim to save lives. As the ...
  • Change Management

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    Enables users to initiate new IT-related Change Requests. They are used to manage and log alterations in the organisation’s IT infrastructure.

  • The Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals training in surgical or guidewire assisted thoracostomy and thoracentesis. This product allows for a variety of chest drain insertion techniques to be performed including ultrasound-guided techniques. 

  • The groundbreaking LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator with LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager is at the heart of a complete AED response system.

  • Designed in conjunction with the North West London Critical Care Network, The patient transfer bag delivers standardised equipment and ‘at a glance’ checking capability to support front line staff whe ...
  • Customer Interaction

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    GDPR, FOI, Complaint or Compliment requests can be submitted on behalf of members of the public. 

  • Debrief

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    A Major / Minor / JESIP Debrief can be initiated following an Event or an Incident.

  • In this new book, Andy Collen offers a wealth of knowledge about the importance of decision making in healthcare practice to reduce clinical risk and improve outcomes for patients. The text explores t ...
  • Delta 3D Extinguisher Nozzle Ball

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    This unique product is designed to produce a 3D coverage of water or foam for rapid extinguishing. Available in two sizes the larger version can be suspended from an ALP whereas the smaller version can be used for car and skip fires

  • Delta Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta Attack 500 Pro is the culmination of tried and trusted British engineering combined with the very latest in technological advanced design.

  • Delta Attack CAFS Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta Attack CAFS Nozzles is designed for use with compressed air foam and is supplied as standard with a detachable silencer. Optional jet/spray front end and a 0.5m, 1.0m or 1.3m CAFS lances are available on request.

  • Delta DM600 Automatic Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta DM600 is the highest flow nozzle in the Automatic range providing controlled performance when large volumes of water are required

  • Delta Fire Floor Below Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta Floor Below Nozzle is a unique product designed to combat wind-driven fires from the floor below the compartment on fire. 

  • Delta Fog Spike System

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta Fog Spike System is now widely used by UK Fire & Rescue Services and is designed to rapidly reduce compartment temperatures pre-entry.

  • Delta H500 Mid-Range

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The H500 Mid-Range is the mainline version of the H500 ST nozzle and is designed for use with low pressure layflat hose lines.

  • Delta H500 ST Automatic Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta H500 ST combines automatic slide valve performance with ergonomic design and high quality British manufacturing to provide an effective high pressure hose reel nozzle ideally suited to gas cooling.

  • Delta Smooth Bore Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta Smooth Bore is a truly versatile nozzle capable of easily converting to a range of solid jet sizes thanks to the interchangable tips. An optional jet/spray front end is available on request.