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  • We offer a huge range of products from well respected brands.
  • With our ability to check who is on our doorstep, or turn our heating on remotely before we get home, why can the same not be said of defibrillator equipment?
  • RSG blazed a trail in 1997 with the invention of the Trail Blazer portable mini lightbar. It was unique in that, along with a flashing beacon at each end it had a built-in siren with speaker as well a ...
  • AWG, in partnership with Godiva, a performance leader in the fire apparatus industry, has introduced SANISTREET FLEX, a compact retrofit system, which can be installed onto fire pumps to dispense clea ...
  • A new product now available from Total Mast Solutions is a compact high pressure pump fitted onto the rear load bay of a 4×4 pick-up truck. The truck is owned by Staffordshire Search and Rescue who re ...
  • Havis, Inc offers a full line of universal tablet docking stations that provide simple, safe, and secure connectivity for Apple iPads. When paired with a Havis rugged case, these solutions give the en ...
  • Gordon Murphy has been appointed by VCS as Electrical Engineering Manager. 
  • Handsfree has been selected as one of the framework suppliers to provide fixed vehicle devices (FVD) and associated accessories to the UK Emergency Services Network (ESN) and the other User Operator ( ...
  • i-view™ is the single use video laryngoscope from Intersurgical, providing the option of video laryngoscopy in the ER and pre-hospital environment.
  • When warm weather returns to the UK, the issues surrounding water safety inevitably return too. Why inevitably? Well, we simply see the same thing every year: incidents of water rescue and tragic acci ...

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