• The Load-Out bag was designed to provide maximum storage in a rugged yet lightweight package. Made from water resistant Cordura this ensures the bag is durable enough to provide many years of service. The main compartment features a huge 80L capacity with a curved entry for ease of opening.If this wasn't enough there are a total of six side pockets, and two end pockets for extra equipment & accessories.

  • The P9M is our highly advanced molle tactical vest, developed with experts in the field it is one of the best weapons platforms on the market today. 

  • The K175 is a highly designed medical vest used by many forces across the UK. 

  • Lowa Safety Boots

    02 May 2019 Scott Jones

    The LOWA collection of Safety Boot are a perfect choice for any demanding workplace as they are able to withstand the wear & tear of daily duties. LOWA have designed their range to be quite formal, great for supervising engineers who must visit sites where protective footwear is mandatory. Task Force Distribution provide styles that stand up to safety requirements that all working professionals demand. Choose LOWA safety boots as your lightweight protective footwear option.

  • Lowa Zephyr Mid GORE-TEX®

    02 May 2019 Scott Jones

    A staple of the new LOWA Professional Collection, the Zephyr Tactical Mid-Boot has become a popular choice amongst those serving in special forces, Police forces and military units worldwide. Versatile, lightweight and built-to-last, these boots have been designed with their wearer’s safety and comfort in mind, and are able effectively to provide both without compromising on performance. 









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