Exhibitor Products

  • Delta Fog Spike System
  • Delta Floor Below High Rise Nozzle
  • Waterwall Nozzle Hose
  • Nova Ultraflex Type 3 Layflat Fire Hose
  • Delta DM600 Automatic Fire Nozzle
  • Delta H500 Mid-Range Automatic Fire Nozzle
  • Delta H500ST Automatic Fire Nozzle
  • Delta Attack 100 Pro High Pressure Hose Reel Nozzle
  • Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle
  • Attack 750 Pro Fire Nozzle
  • Delta Attack 750 Pro HR Fire Nozzle
  • H500 Automatic Fire Nozzle
  • Products and services to improve the safety and efficiency of fleet operations within the public sector. 
  • Offers public sector buyers a compliant route to market for technology product needs (hardware and software) and all associated services.
  • Standard laundry collection, wash, finish and return services of buyer owned and hired laundry from the supplier, specialist laundry services, and cleanroom services.
  • UK facilities management (FM) services organised regionally and available to all public sector entities. Services include maintenance, cleaning, security, help desk and more.
  • Specialised courier services for goods which are subject to strict transport regulations.
  • Rigloo is a lightweight, storm-proof bothy bag that transforms into a structured space to protect both casualty and rescue team from the elements. It comes with a detachable ground sheet so the shelte ...
  • The Barracuda low-profile multiport/multiband antennas provide an excellent solution for Public Safety, Transportation and Aftermarket Fleet applications.  Barracuda is a 6-port antenna that comes con ...
  • The Gar low-profile multiport/multiband antenna provides an excellent solution for public safety, transportation, and aftermarket fleet applications.  The VFP69383B22JN is a 5-port antenna that comes ...
  • The CMS Series Omni Antenna operates within 380-6000 MHz as an indoor broadband omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna. It is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for indoor requireme ...

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