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  • IRIS is a software that centralises all data and tools in one single place allowing Incident Commanders to obtain real-time situational awareness and coordinate the teams in a simpler and safer way.
  • PVSTOP is the world’s first and only solution for ‘switching off’ solar panels, making them safe in an emergency such as a fire, flood or storm. PVSTOP does this by acting as a liquid blanket that is ...
  • Designed and built in the UK, Haztec lightbars can be manufactured to the unique requirements of individual customers, one of Haztec’s specialisms.
  • Haztec will be showing a comprehensive range of single and dual colour directional warning lights, including many new products,  ranging from the ultra-compact to large format.
  • With many different single and dual colour LED models to choose from, and profiles from as low as 58mm to the high visibility 138mm tall 24LED dual row beacon, there’s a Haztec beacon to suit every ap ...
  • Haztec’s EuroSmart range of controllers, switches, sirens and speakers is designed to simplify programming and operation of even the most advanced switching requirements.
  • Haztec offers a wide range of work, scene and search lights to help you work safely.
  • Haztec LED message signs feature high intensity LEDs for excellent visibility and can be programmed with any combination of text and/or custom bitmap symbols.
  • For applications where lighting is required to be integrated into the roof of the vehicle, Haztec can also offer the Integrated Warning system (IWS).
  • The Mantis IV Hanger is the solution to hanging emergency fluids outside of the clinical enviroment. Either wedge it, hook it or hang it to almost any surface to be able to supply fluids to a casualty ...
  • The AEROcase Pro EMS Paramedic Backpack is incredible value for money and perfect for clinicians of all grades but will store a full paramedic kit. With an approximate volume of 55 litres, the Pro EMS ...
  • The AmbuMan Advanced is an all-in-one solution for ALS training and can demonstrate the following: BVM ventilation. OPAs, i-gels and endotracheal intubation. Jaw thrust. Gastric insufflation. Chest co ...
  • High quality Parabag based on our original London 2012 Backpack with one large main compartment, one front compartment and oxygen cylinder holder. Heavy duty and designed for everyday use.
  • Designed for professionals by professionals.
  • Small on the outside, big on the inside allowing maximum storage in the minimum possible space.
  • The smartTOUCH Flex provides the ideal user interface for the WEY Distribution Platform  The generously proportioned touch display can be used for the broadest variety of tasks, e.g. the graphic manag ...
  • The WEY Smart Touch provides the ideal user interface for the WEY Distribution Platform so that users can access, control and share a virtually unlimited number of workstations and screens.
  • The ultraFLEX Nano PC is a full function PC optimized for size and power consumption.