Exhibitor Products

  • Manual Change Over Valve.  Enables quick switching between two supply cylinders while the integral pressure gauge shows the line pressure on the supply to the Terminal Units in the ambulance.
  • Automatic Change Over Valve.  Automatically switches between two supply cylinders when the first is empty. Working from Line Pressure (for Cylinders with Integral Regulators) or a version working from ...
  • A chemically protective anti-static boot with an integral steel toe cap and vulcanized rubber sole for superior slip resistance. 
  • The SC1 in Chemprotex™ 300 material is a single use Type 3, Type 4 & Type 5 splash contamination suit designed for use with breathing apparatus worn outside the suit or with a face mask and filter.
  • A chemically protective anti-static overboot with an ambidextrous quick-don design. Tested against a broad range of hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents, the boot design allows it to be fas ...
  • The fully encapsulating GTL is a Type 1A - ET limited-life gastight suit designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
  • The Respirex Powered Respirator Protective Suit (PRPS) is a one piece gas tight chemical protective suit for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident.