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  • Designed to deliver maximum COMFORT & PERFORMANCE. A 100% waterproof breathable membrane with bloodborne pathogen protection that keeps feet warm and dry. Hight-Traction, slip, and oil-resistant Miche ...
  • Introducing the new KARTSANA electric stretcher, more resistant, safe and ease of use. OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: Strong and robust structural design. Easy maintenance and repair. MAXIMUM SECURITY: Maximum ...
  • The electric strecther for the English-speaking world. Stretcher with a hydraulic elevation system which can lift loads of up to 300kg unassisted.
  • Mechanical stretcher for ambulances: TG-800 JUPITER Trolley Stretcher offers the double of the functions, double the comfort. Very easy to assemble, makes transporting patients easier by adapting to d ...
  • Supporting The Royal Surrey Hospital at Guildford who pruchased a selection of quick erect emergency tents and screening as they prepared for Armed Forces Day.
  • Demonstrating our 5S Quick Erect Tents to Hertfordshire Fire Service.  
  • Wind testing our quick erect emergency screening with Bedfordshire Fire Services.
  • Having been asked for a bespoke CSI Tent for Devon & Cornwall Police we managed to fullfil their criteria by joining two quick erect emergency tents together with a joining piece of material and addit ...
  • Digital Logo Printing on Tents and Screens
  • Tasked with providing a suitable habitat for engineering works on Oil Rig platforms, we supplied our 4mtr x 8mtr inflatable tents.
  • Live demonstration and traing at Giuldford Hospital
  • The Classroom in a Box
  • Photorealistic Fire Investigation
  • Realistic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Film your own contextual 360 content
  • max fire services ltd can supply a wide range of water rescue products , can also supply bespoke builds on request 
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