Exhibitor Products

  • The Bosch Carbide Holesaws enables easy cutting in all materials. It provides 20X longer lifetime vs. any standard Holesaw and is the first in its range to cut up to 60mm deep.
  • The Bosch extrication (Vehicle Rescue) sabre saw blades with carbide technology CUTS LONGER, CUTS MORE and CUTS FASTER. It cuts through A, B and C pillars made from high-alloy steel, car roofs made fr ...
  • A chemically protective anti-static boot with an integral steel toe cap and vulcanized rubber sole for superior slip resistance. 
  • The SC1 in Chemprotex™ 300 material is a single use Type 3, Type 4 & Type 5 splash contamination suit designed for use with breathing apparatus worn outside the suit or with a face mask and filter.
  • A chemically protective anti-static overboot with an ambidextrous quick-don design. Tested against a broad range of hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents, the boot design allows it to be fas ...
  • The fully encapsulating GTL is a Type 1A - ET limited-life gastight suit designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
  • The Respirex Powered Respirator Protective Suit (PRPS) is a one piece gas tight chemical protective suit for use by emergency response personnel after a CBRN incident.