• Delta Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes
  • Delta Z-Series Variable Foam Inductors
  • Delta Mini-Excel High Expansion Foam Generator
  • Delta Excel High Expansion Foam Generator
  • Delta Fast Attack Foam Branchpipe
  • Delta Prima Foam Unit
  • Delta Fire Monitors
  • Our Chest Drain and Needle Decompression Trainer for chest drain insertion: recognition of correct position, surgical incision, blunt dissection through chest wall, perforation of pleura, and finger s ...
  • This Hands-on Kit contains the essentials for practicing suturing, knot tying, instrument handling and incision of skin.    
  • The PROMPT Flex birthing simulator is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to both routine and non-routine deliveries.   
  • The AirSim heads are designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features to allow for airway management techniques.
  • The brand NEW Clean Bleed™ Mat has been designed to support all simulation scenarios by simulating external heamorrhage in a controled and easy system.
  • An auscultation solution for real-time, seamless standardised patient interaction and assessment.  
  • corpuls cpr

    09 Jun 2021 Ortus
    A strong arm that saves lives.
  • The corpuls3 offers a unique device concept to address the challenges rescuers face in their versatile workspace.
  • Already in use with Fire Services in the UK, the new TR-65 (Zones 0, 1, 2, 21 & 22) and TR-60 (1, 2, 21 & 22) are compact, lightweight, right angle ATEX torches for use in the most demanding hazardous ...
  • Popular with fire fighting teams at sea as well as on land, the Wolf Rechargeable Torch is an ATEX and IECEx certified rechargeable right angle safety torch, using the latest technology to give excell ...
  • The Markerlite is a highly visible LED ATEX marker light and is certified for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres zones 1/21.  Used to identify obstacles, personnel and escape routes, it is ...
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